Midlands Kickboxing.



What age do I have to be to start?

Midlands Kickboxing is suitable for all ages (7 year and upwards) as it is structured to the individual, men, women and children will benefit.


How fit do I have to be?

All new students are treated as unfit so we start everybody off slowly until the desired level of fitness is reached.


How often do I have to train?

Most people train once a week but more classes are available, home study using our you tube tutorials is also advised.


Do I have to enter competitions?

No! Very few students actually compete in tournaments. You may choose this path when you gain more experience.


How safe is kickboxing?

Very safe! In our classes even when practicing very light or none contact techniques, protective equipment is encouraged.


What do I have to wear?

All new students must wear an official uniform which consists of martial arts trousers and  T-shirt; this will be provided for you.


Will I feel out of place to begin with?

It is natural when joining in for the first time that you may be slightly nervous. Don’t worry; our staff will help you settle in quickly.


Are the instructors qualified?

Yes! Our  instructors are highly trained in martial arts, hold coaching qualifications and are fully CRB police checked.


How quickly will I progress?

We believe that we provide the best instruction in the UK, with our help and your dedication you will make fast progress.


How Much does it cost?

Our  fee’s are very competitive and are dependent on how often you wish to train, we can also offer you family discounts.