Midlands Kickboxing.


We are currently enrolling complete beginners as well as those with prior experience. We offer mixed classes which means beginners and higher students all train together providing diversity within the session. Children, teenagers and adults attend offering a good mix of students and a friendly family atmosphere.

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Sarah Clarkstone

My daughter Ellie-Mae, who is 8 years old, has been attending Midlands Kickboxing now for two years and absolutely loves it. Ellie-Mae has gained a lot of confidence and fitness from the class. As soon as the session finishes she counts down the days to her next lesson. There are lots of other clubs she could have attended that are closer to home, however all the instructors are fantastic with the children, they take the time to make sure the children understand everything and all the activities Elle-Mae does in the class are carried out in a safe and structured manner. This really gives both me and my partner the peace of mind that Ellie-Mae is left in good hands. James and his team are all highly trained and are all black belt 1st dan and above. I would recommend Midlands Kickboxing to everyone.

Mick Edwards

I've been training with Midlands Kickboxing for over Five years. I started as a complete amateur and have progressed successfully through the grades to a standard of a Black Belt 1st Dan, sincerely thanks to the exceptional tuition from James Turner and his outstanding supporting team. The classes are friendly and welcoming but are also competitive. The lessons cater for all ages and genders, and without a doubt James and his team are a credit to the profession of Kickboxing.

Arun Mayor

Having wanted to take kickboxing classes in Nottingham for a long time, I visited several different classes. After taking part in a Midlands Kickboxing class, I immediately joined as I found everyone very welcoming, open and friendly. This was a big difference to all the other classes I tried, where I found it daunting and uncomfortable being a beginner. This was definitely not the case at Midlands Kickboxing. The instructors and coaches are all very experienced & qualified. They spend time with each student in the class, meaning everyone gets excellent coaching and instruction on how to improve. Since joining Midlands Kickboxing 3 months ago, I have seen significant improvements in my technique, strength and flexibility, and I am now a Brown Belt. I thoroughly recommend anyone thinking about trying kickboxing to come down and try a class. You'll be hooked.

Laura Shaw

Since joining Midlands Kickboxing I have felt so much energy in my life. It is a great way to get fit and learn something new at the same time. Over the years I have tried many different keep fit activities such as aerobics and going to the gym but after a few weeks they have become completely tedious. Kickboxing is something I feel that I will never get bored of and it is by far the best fitness activity I have done to date. I love the idea that you can grade if you want to set yourself goals and achievements, but then you can also choose not to grade if you prefer a more relaxed approach. The instructors are brilliant and it is a really friendly atmosphere, everyone makes you feel welcome. I would definitely recommend Midlands Kickboxing it to anyone.

Jonathan Hallam

I started in 2008 in a bid to improve my presence, relax, de-stressed me and to try and make me a slimmer and more toned male, which I am pleased to say it has. Since I have been training at Midlands Kickboxing I have lost a staggering 5 stone. My current instructor James Turner has been the best by a county mile, always answering questions that are asked to him, he is not arrogant, is always friendly, approachable and welcoming. Whenever passing gives me tips and every week teachers something different! My goal is to carry out every kick with perfection! I would recommend the Arnold Class to others as it carters for all types of ages and builds.

Sean Croft

I've been attending the classes since March 2012 and every class is still as exciting as the very first class was. James, Jenny and Declan are amazing Instructors. They are always on hand to guide you and push us as far as we can go within our own capabilities. I think James, Jenny and Declan have fantastic personalities and it is amazing how hardworking and dedicated they are but still find the time to help and support others. Since attending theses classes I feel that I have gained so much in so many ways, I feel stronger, healthier, more confident and satisfied that I can defend myself. Everyone who attends the classes are very friendly and welcoming, it's also a brilliant opportunity to bond with a son, daughter or a friend. I highly recommend Midlands Kickboxing to anyone who is considering learning a new sport or hobby you won't be disappointed.